Australia: the Adelaide sea surfers paradise

One of the main features of Adelaide’s beaches is that it takes just a short drive to stretch out in the Glenelg sun or to fly over the waves at Semaphore. But the beaches of the largest city in South Australia are also recommended for shopping or to enjoy excellent fish dishes. Here’s where to go.

Glenelg – Glenelg is Adelaide’s most popular metropolitan beach and is perfect for families. It is also the easiest to reach. Just take the tram from the city center and get off at Moseley Square, just a few meters from the waters of Glenelg Beach. Jetty Road is a vibrant mix of quality coffee, clothing stores and restaurants. The Stamford Grand Hotel and the Seawell apartments enjoy a beautiful view.

Brighton – Another ten minutes by car to arrive in Brighton. Glenelg’s sister city, Brighton has a similar atmosphere and a very relaxed lifestyle with eclectic cafes, restaurants and fish and chip shops in abundance. One of the best places to eat is the Esplanade Hotel, with great food and ocean views.

Henley – Full of high-end seafood restaurants and one of the most popular squares in the Adelaide area, Henley is a must see for those looking for a quality dinner, a swim.

Semaphore – The Semaphore beach is long, wide and bordered by sand dunes. The vast coastline and the boulevard are dotted with beautifully preserved Art Deco buildings, such as the majestic of the Semaphore. Originally a 1920s bathhouse, now an ideal place for a pub-style lunch or to enjoy a glass of wine. Semaphore Road, a few meters away, is the street of historic pubs, restaurants, and interesting shops.

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