South Australia: here are the 5 best beaches in Adelaide

One of the main features of the metropolitan beaches of the state capital is accessibility. Just a short drive will take you to the sunbathers of Glenelg or to perfect the quality of the free predecessor in Semaphore.

Glenelg is Adelaide’s most popular metropolitan beach and is perfect for families. It is also the easiest to reach. Just take the tram from the city center and get off at Moseley Square, just a few meters from the waters of Glenelg Beach. Another ten minutes by car and you arrive in Brighton. Glenelg’s twin city, Brighton has a similar atmosphere and a very relaxed lifestyle with eclectic cafes, restaurants and fish & chip shops in abundance.

One of the best places to eat is the Esplanade Hotel, with great food and ocean views. Filled with high-end seafood restaurants and one of the busiest squares around Adelaide, Henley is a must see for those looking for a quality dinner, a swim or a little of both. The Semaphore beach is long, wide and bordered by sand dunes.

The vast coastline and the boulevard are dotted with beautifully preserved Art Deco buildings. Nothing compares to the grandeur of the Palace of the Semaphore. The three beaches represent the Australian surf paradises, but they are also perfect for families. Snorkelling equipment is essential in Port Noarlunga.

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