Ideas For a Fun Girls Trip

Vacations! Even the sound of this word gives us all butterflies in the stomach. We as human beings are programmed to function with vacations included in our lives. We know that “All work and no play, makes Jack dull and grey.” Therefore before we all get grey, we all need to plan a vacation which can help us escape the daily routine for a little time especially girls.
It will be a great time to talk, enjoy food on a party boat perth and gossip. However, if you are a bunch of ladies who are trying to figure out where to go without breaking your bank and not get in a fight, you can do the research. Trust us the internet is there to help you. There are so many ideas that you can find online for a perfect girls weekend getaway:

Homemade Food

Yes, it sounds boring. Homemade food is something you have every day. But you never have it on a road trip. If you have planned a road trip, enjoy a homemade sandwich or salad or do one dish party. Park your car somewhere on the side and enjoy the food while cars pass you buy. Laugh, talk and enjoy the beautiful view while you eat healthy homemade food. Besides this will probably be the last meal which will be home-cooked. Your trip is all about trying new restaurants for the next two days.

Group Sport

This activity really depends on your destination. However, there will be something you can find for example, if you are going to the beach, volleyball is the best option. Otherwise, you can always bowl. There is a bowling club every day these days. A group sport can help you bond with each other and can make the rest of your trip even more enjoyable.

Spa or salon

Spa! That’s relaxing. Again it spends on where you are off to but a girl’s getaway is incomplete without a spa or a salon. If you are lucky if you can pick both. Get a relaxing body massage followed by a pedicure to eject all the worries you have been having for months. When you go to a salon, don’t just get a haircut, do something crazy like dye your hair with a bright hue.

Be Lazy

You are allowed to be lazy if that’s relaxing. Getting lazy with your friends is your right. All of us might have imagined ourselves lying all day doing nothing. Yes, you have a lot to see in the new city you have arrived but give yourself two to three hours of laziness when you enjoy everything. It does make you feel good. Now you can move on to your big plan of being Dora the Explorer with your friends.
Make this trip something to remember as these moments will be something you will cherish on for the rest of your life.

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